수담은 고객님께 최상의 맛과 우수한 서비스를 제공해드리겠다는 야심찬 각오로
2008년 개업 이래 지금껏 업계 선두에서 혁신에 혁신을 거듭해 나가고 있습니다

About Sudam
About Korean Restaurant Sudam
- Korean food at its best,
"Hanjeongsik ( traditional Korean food course) Specialty Restaurant"
By Hanjeongsik specialty restaurant, it means that highly qualified chefs specialized in Korean food prepare traditional Korean food and various specialty dishes right on site and present them in a full-course form.

Among numerous Hanjeongsik course specialty restaurants in Gangnam, Sudam is widely loved by Koreans and foreigners alike.
The head chef of Sudam has obtained the status of Master Craftsman Cook that is only given to the most qualified and talented cooks in Korea ; he incorporates fresh, local ingredients and regional specialty ingredients in his creation as much as possible, maximizing not only the flavor of the food, but also health benefits within.

"Sudam" represents the Hanjeongsik specialty restaurant in Korea.
Hours of Opening is
On weekdayfrom 11;30 to 14:20 & from 17:30 to 20:20 (based on the time of order)
And close at 22:00.
On weekends and national holidays, it opens at 11;50.

Menu consists of 5 different Courses. In each course, 12~13 kinds of various dishes are offered in full- course.
The price of the most popular course is 82,000 and 62,000 per person, and a course can be ordered for more than 2people.
Your dining experience will be even better with beer and wine.
If you are in Seoul. Sudam is close to you.
And there is abundance of joy in the surroundings of Sudam.
Where in Seoul are you staying? Gangnam, Myeongdong..
Wherever you are in Seou, Sudam is close by.

There are cultural remains, entertainment facilities, and shopping centers nearby Sudam, as well as about 30 prestigious hotels, including Ramada Seoul Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Oakwood Hotel, Samjung Hotel, Palace Hotel, and so on.

Sudam's transportation-friendly-location can easily be found.

It is very close to a subway station, and can also be spotted easily if you are comin from a taxi, as the restaurant is located right beside a major road.

After the meal, you can ask for a taxi and move to your next destination easily and safely.